“We could not ask more from a truck broker. Andre Tyree has the capacity to handle every job that we have no matter the location of the site or quantity of trucks. John and James are experts in their field and make coordinating trucking easy. The reliability of Andre Tyree trucks is critical to our day to day operations.”
Tom & Joey
Ruston Paving
“Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Andre Tyree Trucking on numerous heavy civil construction projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Larry and John are top notch trucking industry professionals. Their approach to each project has always remained steadfast – to deliver safe, cost-effective, and reliable resources to get the job done. They display a level of professionalism and honesty that is becoming rare in this business. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to many more years of successful projects.”
Branch Civil
"For almost a decade Central Site and Utilities Inc. has been intimidated to pursue projects that required extensive trucking needs. For multiple reasons one being the difficulty of hiring our own drivers and another being the unpleasant experiences that have generally come with coordinating with truck brokers. For the past year CSU has begun working with Andre Tyree trucking for our trucking needs. With the impeccable service and communication that John Fitzgerald and the rest of the Andre Tyree team offer along with the Iron Sheepdog app with real time tracking and total transparency. CSU is not only comfortable enough to accept projects with trucking needs. We are now confident to pursue projects aggressively no matter the trucking need. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for growth in the future. As well as allowing CSU as a whole to grow stronger and allowing us to become more diverse in order to better mange the adversities that most all construction companies face. We here at CSU value the new partnership with Andre Tyree Trucking. They have undoubtedly proved there dedication to the success of our projects. We are excited to continue growing the relationship."
Jake Martin
Owner, Central Site & Utilities
"Andre Tyree Trucking has been a valuable broker partner for Iron Sheepdog. They share a commitment to customer service and continuous improvement, which makes them an excellent broker. They are truly an extension of the operational team when it comes to safety, performance and productivity. Having Andre Tyree as a broker means access to technology that is unique in the industry, and allows contractors to track haulers and loads in real time, know daily trucking costs, and manage jobs with more efficiency."
Ryan Brooks
Iron Sheepdog
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